“We strive to preserve and further develop the wealth and traditions that we have inherited from those who lived and labored before us, so we can leave an even more generous and fair legacy to those who will succeed us.”


Rozara Group was founded and developed by Vladimir Stoyanov, known as Vlado Rozara (meaning in Bulgarian “the man from the Rose Valley”). Born and raised in the downtown streets of the capital of Bulgaria Sofia, he started making a living in the construction sector at the age of 15. In 1997 Vlado founded his first company and by 2000 he was running a successful business in the real estate development sector.

In 2008 he decided to revive the 300-year-old tradition of rose-oil production in his grandfather’s native village of Bunovo – in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley, by turning a small Damascena Rose garden into a 400-acre plantation in just a couple of years. In 2009 Srednogorska Roza Distillery was founded and started producing high quality Bulgarian rose oil and rose water, highly demanded in the perfumery, pharmaceutical and food industries throughout the whole world. 

With trailblazing spirit, entrepreneurial know-how, and a qualified team of professionals Vlado started channeling the long-standing legacy of the Bulgarian rose valley into a successful business network which took shape in what the world now knows as Rozara Group.

In 2022 Rozara Group acquired Vinprom Kyustendil – a fruit distillery with a unique facility and production model, designed and built in 1945 by leading engineers and distillation experts, to serve the needs of Bulgaria’s spirits export in the vast markets of the former Soviet Union. The facility now continues to produce 5 different kinds of local fruit rakia (Bulgaria’s traditional spirits) and provides the needs of Rozara Group’s portfolio for quality spirits.

Led by the firm belief that you make a living by what you get but you make a life by what you give, in 2021 Rozara Group founded the Bulgarian Rose Valley Association carrying out the Group’s social responsibility by helping hundreds of small Bulgarian rose producers to flourish.

First historical evidence for rose production the Bulgarian Rose Valley
Rose oil production starts in the town of Klisura Rose Valley
Rose production started in the region of Zlatitsa
The first steam distillery is founded in Karlovo
Vinprom Kyustendil is founded
The Bulgarian state approves the Rosanol recipe – the original rose oil capsules
the first company of Rozara Group is founded
Rozara Group’s rose plantation is established in Bunovo
Srednogorska Roza Distillery is founded
Bulgarian Rose Valley Association is founded
Rozara Group acquires Vinprom Kyustendil’s major pack of shares