SOS Bulgarska Roza Will Be the Cause of the Third Season of Maximal Revenge

The Online Adventure Reality Will Be Aired This Autumn with the Slogan: Revenge for the Bulgarian Rose

SOS Bulgarska Roza is the cause of the third season of the first Bulgarian online reality for adventures, fights and history – Maximal Revenge.

Eleven men and eleven women will try to outwit, outplay, and outlast one another. All of them are known to the viewers with their achievements in the most popular TV formats in Bulgaria in the past few years - Survivor, The Farm, Desafio, Power Couple, The Mole.  

But their quest is not only for personal gain. They will be fighting to get a “Revenge for the Bulgarian Rose”. The cause is a follow-up of the SOS Bulgarska Roza which in 2021, after the severe crisis, helped over 165 small family rose producers from Strelcha, Klisura and the Srednogorie Region to continue the century old Bulgarian tradition of rose cultivation.

Commenting on the partnership, Vladimir Stoyanov, founder of SOS Bulgarska Roza and Chairman of the Bulgarian Rose Valley Association, commented: „We’re standing together with Maximal because we share a common vision to preserve the authentic values which make us proud to be Bulgarians.”

The final participant in the third season of Maximal REVENGE will be casted this Sunday.

“Bulgaria might lose it’s longest standing and most powerful symbol unless we do something now. We are dedicating the third season of Maximal REVENGE to this cause – to bring back the glory of the Bulgarian rose, to get a revenge in the name of the Bulgarian rose.” This is what Dimitar Gospodinov-Guspa – producer of the first Bulgarian online reality for adventures, fights and history added emotionally.